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Day 2 Schedule

Saturday, August 6th

9:00-10:30 AM

Plenary Session 4: Kisspeptin, pulses & metabolism

Session Chair: Andy Babwah

9:00-9:30   Aleisha Moore (Kent State)

"Kiss and tell: In vivo imaging reveals a dynamic temporal

organization of the KNDy pulse generator"

9:30-10:00   Margaritis Voliotis (Univ. Exeter)

"How KNDy neurones generate pulsatile dynamics: insights from a mathematical model"

10:00-10:30  Victor Navarro (Harvard/BWH)

"Novel mechanisms in the metabolic regulation of Kiss1 neurons"

10:45 AM-12:15 PM

Short Presentations 2

Session Co-Chairs:  Aylin Hanyaloglu and Rachel Richardson

12:15 -2:00 PM


1:00-1:45 PM

Research topics roundtable discussions (for Trainees/ECRs)

2:00-2:50 PM

Short Presentations 3

Session Co-Chairs:  Shannon Stephens and Manuel Tena-Sempere

3:00 -4:30 PM

Plenary Session 5: Kisspeptin and the LH/GnRH surge

Session Chair: Victor Navarro

3:00-3:30   Richard Piet (Kent State)

"Preoptic kisspeptin neurons and the circuits regulating ovulation"

3:30-4:00   Sasha Kauffman (UCSD)

"Steroid hormone influences on AVPV kisspeptin neurons

and the LH surge"

4:00-4:30  Mike Lehman (Kent State)

"Wild and woolly: contributions of the sheep model

to kisspeptin biology"

4:30 -4:40 PM

Wrap up and farewell

Day 2: Schedule
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